Parents Join KOALA Kids as Volunteers

KOALA Kids is delighted to welcome parents from the Children’s Cancer Centres at each of The Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Children’s Hospital Marie Metherell, Nikki Ford, Anna Aisenberg and Alisha Griffiths to its team of committed and enthusiastic volunteers. Coincidentally each of these young working mothers have a child aged between three and five years undergoing cancer treatment and another child, so they each know what it’s like to constantly juggle their maternal roles between a very sick child and a healthy sibling requiring as much attention, and sometimes even more.

Marie, Nikki, Anna and Alisha share a deep appreciation for KOALA Kids mission and all that we provide. Each is committed too, to working with KOALA Kids team of volunteers to further improve the provision and delivery of current programs and activities where they are required.

Gracie and her Mum Nicky making themselves a pizza!
Gracie and her mum Nicky making their pizza at KOALA Kids pizza lunch last November!

Many families on the Kookaburra ward have been the recipients of Gracies shoeboxes of fun, an idea developed by Nikki, Gracie’s mum, and donated by prep students, their families and teachers at Mentone Primary School. KOALA Kids has partnered Gracies Gift Foundation to promote, collect, store and deliver the shoeboxes each Monday during December.

Alisha Griffiths with Mandy at our Halloween Lunch!
Alisha Griffiths with Mandy at KOALA Kids Halloween Lunch at Steer Bar and Grill last October.

Alisha Griffiths is no stranger to KOALA Kids having been the guest speaker at KOALA Kids Halloween lunch last October. Alisha shared with KOALA Kids and Steer Bar and Grill’s guests her families journey at the Monash Children’s Cancer Centre, since four year old Teddy was diagnosed with Leukemia in September 2013.

Metherell Family with the 2013 Melbourne Cup!
The Metherell family in November with the 2013 Melbourne Cup!

KOALA Kids met the Marie and Richard Metherell and their two daughters when five year old Lucy was awarded super sister status in KOALA Kids superheroes program while her little sister Zoe was undergoing 36 sessions of radiotherapy at Peter Mac Cancer Centre. Marie has since provided the most wonderful and constructive feedback and ideas to KOALA Kids while spending so much time in each of Day Cancer and the Kookaburra ward while Zoe is having treatment.  In fact it was Marie’s feedback that influenced KOALA Kids to source and provide a new five piece play kitchen complete with enough accessories for any modern kitchen (!) for the children in the Kookaburra ward to help pass the long hours.

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