by Alice Carn, year 11 student, Genazzano FCJ College.

“I spent one week at KOALA kids during the Genazzano companionship week.

When arrived in the office on Monday morning I only had a small understanding of what kind of organisation it was   I was unaware of the amount of hard work and passion that went into the program. Throughout the week, I gained so much knowledge about KOALA kids and the history of the organisation.Alice Karn

We did a range of things like organising donations, stock taking and writing the brand new students newsletter. We visited Camberwell Boys Grammar with Mandy to see her presented with an amazing cheque they raised at their second annual walkathon.

I saw different volunteers come into KOALA kids every day of the week. They each came to do different things to help KOALA kids. It was really incredible to see the amount of work that went into each donation KOALA kids collected that would be received by a child suffering from cancer. Although I didn’t get to visit children at Monash or the Royal Children’s Hospital, I still got a great insight into the difference that the work of KOALA kids makes. I was so lucky to be able to spend a week with KOALA kids and I hope to keep making contributions. A big thank you to Mandy for making the experience even better and making KOALA kids is a great and happy environment to work in. “

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