Our Vision

Koala Kids will touch every child and young person undergoing cancer treatment in Victoria.

Our Mission

To provide small things that make a difference to the lives of children and young people undergoing cancer treatment and their families.

Our Purpose

To bring happiness to children and young people and their families undergoing cancer treatment. #webelievehappyhelps

Our values

Value What it means to us Agreed behaviours
Empathy Our programs and our delivery are based on an understanding of and compassion for the people we serve and are appropriate for their circumstances. Listen with intent. Think and deliver with compassion. Be responsive to people and their needs.
Passion We have a powerful dedication to our purpose and our spirit is built into everything we do. Honour the creative spirit that focuses us to delivering happiness.
Happiness We strive for enjoyment and optimism in everything we do. Sustain our effort to deliver activities and resources which contribute to feelings of happiness for patients, families and our stakeholders.
Purposeful All programs and activities are clearly documented and we work in a pragmatic way to deliver them. Develop quality programs and services that are considered and deliberate. Regularly evaluate programs.
Collaboration We achieve best outcomes when we build partnerships with relevant individuals and organisations. Build partnerships that are best aligned to our mission. Foster participation of stakeholders.
Respect We operate in an environment that values all members as equals and is sensitive to personal circumstances.  We hold in great esteem all who serve to support patients and their families. Create a working environment that appreciates everyone. Recognise the self power of volunteer work. Be mindful of the privilege of supporting patients and their families. Be kind to everyone.