1st Birthday treat for KOALA Kids

Arlo Pyke turned one recently.  To celebrate her first birthday her parents, Ashleigh and Leighton Pyke, invited family and friends to donate a small gift to KOALA Kids, for a child of a similar age undergoing cancer treatment or the sibling of one, in lieu of a gift for Arlo.
Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 10.56.48 amAshleigh has volunteered with KOALA Kids since completing her marketing degree.  While working at L’Oreal for five years, Ash provided KOALA Kids with quite literally hundreds and hundreds of fashion and lifestyle magazines for the families at the Children’s Cancer Centres and Peter Mac to distract them from hours of waiting around clinic, treatment and long hospital stays.
Ashleigh is pleased to have the opportunity to support KOALA Kids through Arlo and will shortly be visiting the Children’s Cancer Centre at The Royal Children’s Hospital one Monday morning to personally hand out the gifts to the families.

KOALA Kids volunteers acknowledge 1,700 mothers & grandmothers

Mother's Day 2015_2 Mother's Day 2015_3 Mother's Day 2015KOALA Kids acknowledged that the children of around 1,700 mothers, grandmothers and other female family members remain in cancer treatment each year.  So on the day after Mother’s Day this year KOALA Kids volunteers accepted an invitation from Manhattan in Toorak Village to enjoy brunch and each other’s company while thinking of all of those mums whose lives are far from normal while their children are undergoing treatment.
One of our own volunteers, Anna Shimony whose son Eitan was diagnosed when he was two (he is now five) joined us and shared some of experiences she wishes she never had to endure as a mother.  Anna also has a daughter Mia, 3 years and is looking forward to Eitan’s last chemo and the end of treatment this August.

School Holiday Fun

Monash School Holiday_0415_3 Monash School Holiday_0415_5Families can look forward to enjoying mornings filled with fun activities these coming school holidays at each of the Children’s Cancer Centres at The Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Children’s Hospitals and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centres.  Members of the Polkadot Entertainment team will be facilitating lots of fun things to do for children in treatment and their siblings forced to spend long hours waiting around the hospital facilities.
Please email koalakids@cccf.org.au to confirm which days the school holiday program will be offered at your treatment facility.  No bookings required.

A Lentin wish for KOALA Kids

A year 2 student at St Charles Borromeo, Templestowe wished for Lent to raise money for sick children.  His mother, a radiotherapist in the Peter Mac Paediatric Service explained to him the support KOALA Kids provides children with cancer and the boy turned his attention to convincing his school to support his wish.
Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.00.28 pm Greg Thomas, principal, agreed and details of young Nicholas’ wish was inserted into the weekly newsletter.  In an address at the Monday morning assembly, Nicholas appealed to the 240 strong student community to support his endeavours. A KOALA Kids donation box was left in each of the 10 classrooms and a 5 cent challenged was also launched.  Children and families of St Charles Borromeo have been raising funds for KOALA Kid throughout the month of May.


xFamilies in the Children’s Cancer Centre were treated to exciting experiences during the school holidays after responding to special offers donated to KOALA Kids and promoted on facebook.com/KOALAKidsNFP
dFrom Brickman Experience, an amazing collection of over 50 LEGO works, to Afternoon Tea at the Langham celebrating the release of Barbie’s new movie, Princess Power, families were able to enjoy experiences they would not normally have been able to do.
KOALA Kids receives special offers from time to time for families with children and adolescents in cancer treatment and we promote them on KOALA Kids Facebook page   It is KOALA Kids intention that the opportunity be special, particularly for siblings and that it become an experience that the whole family can enjoy.
Ryan McNaught’s Brickman Experience exhibited in Melbourne is travelling to Sydney from 27 June to 12 July. See more https://brickmanexperience.com.au/

KOALA Kids & some of the small things

References to bubbles and the lucky dips were exemplified some of the distractions and pain management therapies for children and adolescent attending day cancer treatment in editorials in The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Herald Sun Lift Out on Friday 3 April.
Though not attributed to the program, KOALA Kids in fact keeps both the day cancer and radiotherapy treatment departments in stock with Smellem’s bubbles (donated by Moose Enterprises) and hundreds of lucky dip items so each child can have a dip every time they attend day cancer and radiotherapy treatment.
In response to a request by each of the facilities, KOALA Kids is presently sourcing lucky dip items to provide an age relevant ‘dip’ for adolescents.
View the Herald Sun article here!

Crayola and KOALA Kids join forces

Full colour Crayola_logo RCrayola is passionate about helping parents and educators raise creatively alive children and KOALA Kids and the 100 year old brand have joined forces for the benefit of kids with cancer and their families.
KOALA Kids is going to exclusively provide Crayola product to the Children’s Cancer Centres, Peter Mac and outreach facilities from the innovative art tools, crafting activities, and creative toys that give kids the power to express all that inspires them as they explore, discover, play, pretend, and dream. 

Colouring Books for Adults

MCH_Adult Coloring_250515Adults and adolescents are relaxing and unwinding with colouring and drawing books that KOALA Kids searched the world to provide to each of the Children’s Cancer Centres and Peter Mac Paediatric Radiotherapy Service and OnTrac (adolescents and young adults service at Peter Mac). The stress-relieving effect offered by increased focus and creativity (colouring) was recently reported in the newspaper and KOALA Kids has secured colouring books over a wide range of themes to appeal to many tastes.

To view the article click here

Smash Cakes for all!

Its bad enough to have cancer, be constantly really sick, miss school and not be able to spend normal play time with family and friends like all of the other children, but to then have to spend your birthday having an unpleasant, painful or particularly invasive procedure or treatment, life really sucks.
Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.41.38 pm
To ensure every child has the opportunity to enjoy beating the sweets out of their very own SMASH cake, KOALA Kids is supplying Monash Children’s Hospital with enough Smash cakes to ensure that every child and adolescent attending the Children’s Cancer Centre on or around their birthday.Families attending The Royal Children’s Hospital’s Children’s Cancer Centre should remind the Day Cancer Centre about a child’s birthday when making an appointment
close to their birthday.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.14.44 PMKOALA Kids is presently creating a superheroes dressing room for children and adolescents attending Peter Mac Cancer Centre for radiotherapy as part of their cancer treatment.
Each young person has the opportunity to nominate their favourite superhero, character, sport hero or celebrity and while KOALA Kids is sourcing an outfit for them (along with DVDs, dolls, stickers, books and activities), they have the opportunity to play dress-ups from the rack of outfits provided by KOALA Kids.  Their play is recorded and an edited film is gifted to each family at the conclusion of their treatment.
unnamed (1)Then Beauty, an online company selling all types of beauty equipment donated the fabulous Hollywood mirror in front of which the kids will get changed.