Gracies shoeboxes of fun

Gracie in school uniform with boxesMJ, NF and Gracie & trolleyGracie was diagnosed with ALL in August 2014. During one of her hospital stays while Gracie was enjoying shoeboxes filled with fun things to do that her mum Nikki had collected for such times, Gracie thought it would be nice for all of the children in the Kookaburra ward to enjoy shoeboxes filled with fun things to do like she was enjoying. So Gracies Shoeboxes of Fun was created and KOALA Kids is pleased to be partnering Gracies mum to promote and grow the program. Nikki and KOALA Kids want to ensure that children and adolescents undergoing cancer treatment, in and outside the Kookaburra ward, each get their own gender and age relative Shoebox of Fun, in memory of Gracie who lost her battle on 21 May 2015.Gracie

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