Koala Kids has been providing lots of additional resources for adolescents and young adults being admitted to hospital.  During the second lockdown in Melbourne they restrictions have hovered between having no visitors at all, or having one visitor for two hours each day.  Consequently we have been asked to provide  as many distracting activities as we could find.
We are also now inviting 15 to 25 year olds to register their details on our happy base so we can customise personal and other items we send them.

Koala Kids has been working with staff from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, The Alfred, The Women’s and Austin Health to develop and implement a series of initiatives for young people aged to engage them in interesting activities and occupy them during long admissions and days of treatment.

We recently provided a series of Thomas Pavitte’s 1000 dot-to-dot and colouring by numbers books with Derwent pencils (donated by ACCO), Metal Earth puzzles, Colourtation anti-stress colouring books, iTunes cards and more. 


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