Since expanding our activities at The Royal Children’s Hospital we have attracted some fabulous professional people who work full time during the week and are looking for meaningful volunteering on the weekend.  We have enjoyed welcoming Laura Diaco, Christina Barsom, Georgia Cooper and Rosemary McGinn recently

Laura Diaco found Koala Kids on Instagram and is a perfect fit for our organization. At the age of 19, she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and knows first-hand the power of positive distractions.  Laura is looking forward to being able to support others with the hindsight of her own experiences.  Working full time during the week as a nurse at Epworth Hospital Laura is looking forward to interacting with children and their families on Koala Kids weekends at The Royal Children’s Hospital.

Christina Barsom joined Koala Kids with previous volunteer experience at Ronald McDonald House and teaching Sunday school. She met her fiancé when they were both working at Westpac.  Mark was our bank manager at the Camberwell branch and has watched Koala Kids grow since becoming an independent not for profit more than three years ago. Christina enjoyed hearing about the support we provide children and families during cancer treatment and has joined us to volunteer at our weekends in the Kookaburra ward.

Georgia Cooper is an occupational therapist who works at Dandenong Hospital in hand therapy.  Like Christina and Laura, Georgia is passionate, enthusiastic and loves working with children.  She is a welcome and fabulous addition to our weekend team.

Rosemary McGinn is a wonderful new volunteer who indirectly has a long association with Koala Kids.  When Rosemary’s grandson Ben, now 21 years, had Leukemia when he was three, Rosemary’s son Tony McGinn founded Koala Foundation.  Koala Kids evolved out of Koala Foundation and Children’s Cancer Centre some years later and Ben and Rosemary are both volunteers and Ben’s mother Amanda and brother Nick aren’t far away either.

Indu Sondhi joined Koala Kids a few months ago after her daughter Elisha successfully completed her cancer treatment.  Indu and her family, including Alisha’s two big brothers, enjoyed many small things that Koala Kids provides families during treatment.  Indu is sharing her professional experience in IT by helping to create and manage our database.

Koala Kids can now offer volunteering opportunities seven days a week, in our office and at the hospitals where we work. We are particularly looking for people who are available on Monday mornings to volunteer at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Wednesday morning at Peter Mac and in the office on Thursday and Friday.

There is a role for everyone at Koala Kids, or nearly everyone!! Judy Potter is a classic example. Judy loves sewing and she has been happily visiting Spotlight and buying up novelty fabrics and sewing them into theatre gowns for children having to undergo procedures under unaesthetic. As we were going to press (!) Judy was cutting and sewing Christmas designs for gowns for children to choose from during the festive period. As quickly as Judy can sew the gowns and her daughter Heather Kerr (of the infamous large Kerr-ala family) drops them off at our office, we have been sending them out to all the hospitals.

If you know someone who would like to be considered to join our team please ask them to contact us

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