Children and young people undergoing radiotherapy now have the opportunity to have a lasting memory from their mask.  Peter Mac and Koala Kids volunteer artists with the support of Koala Kids to provide all of the resources, are creating the most amazing pieces of art in response to patient briefs or themes.
Joanna Weir is very excited at the prospect of working with other artists to create such special memories in response to the patients’ requests.

During daily radiotherapy treatment, it is necessary to ensure that the patient will be in exactly the same position every day. Patients getting radiation to the head and neck area may need a mask to make it easier for a patient to stay still, to help keep the head from moving so that the patient is in the exact same position for each treatment and so any markings can be drawn on the mask, not their skin.

All patient identifications and marks are removed from the mask at the end of treatment. Patients have the option to keep their mask. Koala Kids is providing the materials to transform children’s’ and young peoples’ masks into works of art to keep as special memorabilia.