“We gave a six year old boy who had been hit by a car (he was ok!) a nice long sleeved top to wear because we had no gowns that would fit him.  He looked sweet and more importantly he was really comfortable,” Koala Kids was told by an Emergency consultant earlier this week.  

Late last year Koala Kids started providing simple clothing for children presenting at emergency and other units for staff to provide children when the clothing they present in is either soiled, damaged, destroyed, children who are victims of road accidents, fire, household accidents or if they have to remain at the hospital for observation and need a clean change.  Clothing of children and young people who have been abused or are victims of suspicious behaviour needs to be sent to medical forensic and so these children require a clean set.   

Cotton On recently donated around 2,000 pieces of clothing and simple footwear for children up to 12 years and we were also the recipients of a large assortment of Bonds baby and childrenswear through our collaboration with Rotary Club of Malvern. 

We are always on the look-out for seasonal simple tops and bottoms, underwear, and socks up to adults’ sizes so please let us know if you know someone or a company that can donate a large number of random items.  Every item MUST be brand new, preferably with swing tickets still attached.