KOALA Kids volunteers acknowledge 1,700 mothers & grandmothers

Mother's Day 2015_2 Mother's Day 2015_3 Mother's Day 2015KOALA Kids acknowledged that the children of around 1,700 mothers, grandmothers and other female family members remain in cancer treatment each year.  So on the day after Mother’s Day this year KOALA Kids volunteers accepted an invitation from Manhattan in Toorak Village to enjoy brunch and each other’s company while thinking of all of those mums whose lives are far from normal while their children are undergoing treatment.
One of our own volunteers, Anna Shimony whose son Eitan was diagnosed when he was two (he is now five) joined us and shared some of experiences she wishes she never had to endure as a mother.  Anna also has a daughter Mia, 3 years and is looking forward to Eitan’s last chemo and the end of treatment this August.

Mother’s Day Book Club in the Kookaburra Ward at The Royal Children’s Hospital

Callum shows off his creative bag he made for his mum, which he later filled with small gifts for her to enjoy on Sunday!

Book Club in May was all about Mothers

KOALA Kids’ volunteers Carly Velik and Grace Kerr worked the Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute’s early learning educator Sonja Fea to facilitate a gorgeous Mother’s Day book club for the kids in the Kookaburra Ward at The Royal Children’s Hospital. We all enjoyed the lovely warm stories about mothers and their babies, the human and fuzzy ones,  before the kids made and decorated their own Mother’s Day bags in which to hide their gifts in. Callum and Logan got creative with their bags, and had to make sure mum wasn’t peaking at it during the session.
Warmest thanks to Hinkler, Lake Press and Scholastic Australia for their generous donations to KOALA Kids mother’s day libraries, available for families to enjoy for the month of May.

Words By Grace Kerr
Monday Program Coordinator