Charities working together

The Movie Maker Project at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre has been made possible with the support of KOALA Kids and a grant from Robert Connor Dawes Foundation.  KOALA Kids provided a range of costumes on the rack from Frozen’s Princess Elsa to Captain America plus wigs and accessories as well as a Hollywood mirror, canvas tent (to be used as a changing room. KOALA Kids also provided the coat hangers, garment bags, and a rack with the support and generosity of companies like Then BeautyCostume Collection and Delta’s Dazzling Costumes.

Lucas at the Dressing Table at Peter Mac
Lucas at the Dressing Table at Peter Mac

The grant from Robert Connor Dawes Foundation was used to purchase a computer plus the software, Final Cut which cleverly allows digitally recorded sounds, music, videos and photographs to be blended together to make a movie.  The grant is also helping to finance one day a week when Caroline Ngo, radiotherapist come movie producer can dedicate her time to these recordings with the children, and then edit and produce the final ‘take home movie’.

“We want to have the costume rack in the media room so that the kids that come in on filming days  get to dress up and play with props, footage that is later incorporated in their keepsake videos,” Caroline told KOALA Kids.

The children and adolescents attending Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for radiotherapy now have the opportunity to be filmed in superhero costumes in a dedicated dressing room with media production props.  And the kids are loving it.  The recordings take place during the appointment time for radiation therapy in an effort to create some fun and enjoyment, and make a treatment, that can be daunting and scary, a little more bearable .  A very professional looking CD is then produced showing each child’s personal experience with radiotherapy at Peter Mac and presented to the family at the end of their radiotherapy treatment along with a KOALA Kids certificate of bravery.

The Robert Connor Dawes Foundation was established in July 2013 to support research, care and development of paediatric and young adult brain cancer after 18 year old Connor Dawes passed away from brain cancer in April 2013.  Connor had his radiation treatment at Peter Mac.

School Holiday Fun

Monash School Holiday_0415_3 Monash School Holiday_0415_5Families can look forward to enjoying mornings filled with fun activities these coming school holidays at each of the Children’s Cancer Centres at The Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Children’s Hospitals and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centres.  Members of the Polkadot Entertainment team will be facilitating lots of fun things to do for children in treatment and their siblings forced to spend long hours waiting around the hospital facilities.
Please email to confirm which days the school holiday program will be offered at your treatment facility.  No bookings required.


Earlier this year KOALA Kids received advice that Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF) has determined that Children’s Cancer Centre Foundation – KOALA Kids is eligible to receive grants from CAF America for three years until December 2017.

The announcement came about as a result of KOALA Kids relationship with Disney Australia. KOALA Kids was suggested for a grant by Disney EARS to You.Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.56.18 AM

Disney has been providing KOALA Kids with DVDs for its DVD libraries at each Children’s Cancer Centre and at Peter Mac in addition to the DVDs it provides for KOALA Kids superheroes program at Peter Mac.

KOALA Kids is now listed on CAF America’s charity database. Friends of KOALA Kids should note that there is a CAF America Gift Form, which you may distribute to prospective U.S. donors. Donors are able to make tax-effective gifts to CAF America with Children’s Cancer Centre Foundation as the grant recipient. All grant suggestions must be approved by the CAF America Board of Directors before being awarded to your organization.


George Billington as his superhero Ninja Turtle.
George Billington as his superhero Ninja Turtle.

The upside to the unfortunate increase in the number of children and adolescents attending Peter Mac Cancer Centre for radiotherapy treatment is that there has been a marked increase in the number of requests for KOALA Kids superhero status.

Zoe with her older sister Lucy receiving their super heroes gear from Frozen!
Zoe with her older sister Lucy receiving their super heroes gear from Frozen!

Since the beginning of November, nearly 30 children and adolescents aged between two and 15 years, have applied for and subsequently awarded KOALA Kids superhero status including four siblings as super siblings. Each of the superheroes and siblings receives the costume or sporting jersey of their choice in addition to a customised treatment chart where relevant, customised stickers and a certificate at the end of treatment.

Saul as Buzz Lightyear!
Saul as Buzz Lightyear!

KOALA Kids has responded to requests for characters like Darth Vadar, Mutant Ninja Turtles, Buzz Lightyear, Batman and Spiderman as well as old fashioned characters like Cinderella and Snow White and perennials like penguins, dogs, witches and dinosaurs.

KOALA Kids volunteer living in Ottowa Canada Kenia Fitter,provides each superhero with their own personal and customised treatment chart and certificate for bravery on completion of their treatment.

KOALA Kids is particularly grateful to Kenia

Costume Collection for the donating outfits for the kids

Scholastic Australia

and Hinkler Books


Funtastic for the books, activities, DVDs, dolls, and other products they provide each time KOALA Kids registers a superhero.