Koala Kids volunteers visit patients and families in the Kookaburra ward and Children’s Cancer Centre at the RCH nearly every Monday morning.

Our volunteers registered on the hospital’s Visiting Volunteer Program distribute themed creativity kits filled with activities and stationery designed to distract the children and young people during treatment and long hospital stays.  The volunteers also visit children having cancer treatment outside Kookaburra when it is full and check in, as often as possible, with each of the Nurse Unit Managers to restock Koala Kids Happy Tubs, 60L orange plastic tubs filled with donated activities, books and other items for all ages including parents – more distraction to pass the time and relieve the boredom.

School Holiday Fun

Monash School Holiday_0415_3 Monash School Holiday_0415_5Families can look forward to enjoying mornings filled with fun activities these coming school holidays at each of the Children’s Cancer Centres at The Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Children’s Hospitals and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centres.  Members of the Polkadot Entertainment team will be facilitating lots of fun things to do for children in treatment and their siblings forced to spend long hours waiting around the hospital facilities.
Please email koalakids@cccf.org.au to confirm which days the school holiday program will be offered at your treatment facility.  No bookings required.

Gracie’s Gift Foundation: Shoeboxes Full of Fun!

KOALA Kids is very excited to announce that it is partnering @graciesgiftfoundation.weebly.com to bring shoeboxes full of fun to children with cancer in the Kookaburra ward (and the other wards) every time they are admitted.

Today little Gracie, her mum Nikki and CCC’s Merridy together with KOALA Kids volunteer Grace Kerr, distributed the first delivery of shoeboxes full of brand new items thoughtfully and generously donated by the families in Gracie‘s prep class at Mentone Primary School. gracie's gift

Gracie was diagnosed with Leukaemia in July and although responding well to treatment has to still undergo intense treatment for the first 6-12 months and then remission and maintenance for another 2 years.  Says Nikki, “Gracie is a very strong and brave little girl and she loves to have fun and likes to keep busy!”

The shoebox of fun was Nikki’s idea after Gracie had been admitted several times, and depending on the time of day and the day of the week, was spending hours and hours with nothing to do.  Due to understandably strict hygiene regulations, Nikky found that unless she bought enough of Gracie’s  own toys and activities from home, they were spending hours frustrated and anxious looking for games to play and activities to keep Gracie distracted and occupied. 

There are separate shoeboxes for girls and boys and each box is sealed and filled with a selection of new toys, dolls, games, colouring, stickers, activities, books.

KOALA Kids volunteer Ashleigh Pyke, herself a first time mum of a little girl, met Nicky at Mentone Primary last week and filled her car to the roof with the gorgeous colourful boxes, each bearing their own special message from a prep student to a child in hospital having treatment. The boxes are being stored at KOALA Kids donated offices at Korjo and then each Monday, another KOALA Kids volunteer, Grace Kerr will take enough boxes into the Kookaburra ward for each young child on the ward to be given one.

For more information about Gracies Gift Foundation, the shoebox program and how your school can participate contact koalakids@cccf.org.au or graciesgiftfoundation.weebly.com

Our Monday Book Club Had The Kids Going Croc- Crazy!

KOALA Kids September book club was an exciting one with visiting author Diana Lawrenson, read the children at the Royal Children’s Cancer Centre two of her books!

After listening to ‘Crocodile River’ a picture book about a salt water croc named Cranky who struggles through the cycle of growing up as a croc and the fight for survival the group was able to touch real crocodile eggs and teeth that Diana had bought in with her.  They were then able to create crocodile jaws using art material provided by KOALA Kids.ff

After Diana read ‘Paraphernalia’s Present’ wearing her chook’s hat, the children enjoyed more activities

Warmest thanks Diana for your time and enthusiasm, adding to the richness of KOALA Kids literacy program!

KOALA Kids is sure that the children at Monash Children’s Cancer Centre enjoy your visit and have just as much fun when you visit next Wednesday.

You can view more of Diana and Diana’s books on her website by clicking here.

Diana Lawrenson RCH