Koala Kids fast growing volunteer network is as diverse in culture as it is in age and experience.

We welcome our newest volunteers Emma Barham, Zoe Potter, Hassan (aka Hass) Bakkar, Patrick (aka Paddy) Kerr, Allie Veal,  Georgie Landale, Olivia Henderson, Lorrie Pennefather and Felicity Carter.

Emma Barham

Emma is our new volunteer at Peter Mac. She is facilitating activities with the children attending the paediatric radiotherapy service clinic each Wednesday morning with Stef, music therapist.  Emma herself spent very long periods in hospital as a child, and thus has an understanding and personal compassion for sick children

Last year Emma, a Gennazano student was a recipient of the Premier’s VCE Awards, recognised as a top performing student for her outstanding academic achievement.

Emma is a positive and enthusiastic person who hopes to be a paediatric oncologist in the future.

Zoe Potter

Zoe is one of our registered volunteers at The Royal Children’s Hospital, and is a great addition to our bubbly Monday morning team. She studies Commerce at Melbourne University, majoring in management and marketing, as well as coaching junior netball in her spare time.

Hass Bakkar

Hass is a professional tennis player who joined Koala Kids to volunteer in Hospitals. Hass played tennis internationally throughout his secondary schooling years, educating himself online. Through his career he has helped coach and develop young players who see him as a role model, and he hopes to use his positive energy and charisma to make happy help children with cancer.

Patrick Kerr

Paddy had a huge week last week. After debuting for Carlton FC on Sunday, he enjoyed his first Monday with our team at The Royal Children’s Hospital.

Paddy is not the first in his family to volunteer with Koala Kids either – he joins his grandmother Judy Potter, aunties Judy Mullen and Linda Kerr, cousins Grace Kerr, Sophie and Jack Mullen and Jeanne Mitchell as well as his sister Ruby.  Might consider renaming us Kerr-ala Kids!

Allie Veall

Allie joined Koala Kids to volunteer at The Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Children’s Hospital. She is also getting involved with our events committee. Balancing her marketing degree, running her own business and volunteering with Koala Kids, it is clear that Allie is a driven, motivated and caring person.

Georgie Landale

While managing her own catering business, Georgie has registered as a visiting volunteer at Monash with Koala Kids. With a lengthy nannying and babysitting resume, we are sure that Georgie will be a delightful addition to both Koala Kids and to the Monash Children’s Cancer Centre.

Olivia Henderson

Liv joined Koala Kids through our partnership with Carnival for Kids, program partner of our school holiday program. Olivia is studying nursing and is looking forward to facilitating school holiday activities at Monash and volunteering with Koala Kids thereafter.

Lorrie Pennefather

Lorrie has an extensive background in events and catering, and has joined our team as a volunteer at both RCH & Monash Children’s Hospital. Lorrie is extremely well travelled and intelligent, as well as kind hearted and giving, making her a perfect match for Koala Kids.

Felicity Carter

Felicity is a good friend of our program director, Mandy Mandie, and has decided to lend a helping hand in the office, as well as volunteering at our wrap bar for Mother’s Day. With a giving and generous nature, Felicity offers help wherever required no matter how medial the task may be.


We are very excited to announce that Koala Kids is now providing a weekly activity at Peter Mac. Koala Kids volunteers Davina Chisik and Emma Barham will facilitate the Wednesday session at the paediatric radiotherapy service clinic with music therapist Steph.

“It will be wonderful for the clinic to have a Koala Kids volunteer present each week. Our music therapist Steph feels very strongly that Koala Kids input supports her music program and will be greatly appreciated by the children and families.” Lisa Forsberg, paediatric nurse coordinator, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre told Koala Kids.

Volunteer Profile: Joey Hutton!

I began volunteering at KOALA Kids in March this year. Completing my final year of an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts and planning a degree in journalism, I was searching for a worthwhile way to devote my free time that could additionally improve my career-oriented skills. KOALA Kids particularly inspired me after meeting Mandy through friends of her families, and hearing of the foundations mission to provide the little things that make a difference to children and adolescents with cancer and their families.

Joey in the KOALA Kids office!
Joey in the KOALA Kids office!

My volunteering experience has been invaluable, having being involved in many different areas including distributing donations, event organisation and social-media co-ordination. Of particular interest has been collaborating with Peter MacCallums OnTrac division, an exciting new venture for KOALA Kids to further its efforts by providing suitable donations for adolescents and young adults. Most importantly, volunteering at KOALA Kids is extremely rewarding. It is amazing to consider even the smallest things achieved in a day in the office, such as filling an admission bag or a pill swallowing kit, can positively impact children and families during their cancer journey.

Further KOALA Kids relies on the generosity of donors and volunteers and it has been highly inspiration to witness how many people with much more demanding schedules than myself, devote so how of their time and effort to the foundation.