When children and young people undergo treatment for cancer, the impact is massive - physically of course, but also emotionally. Their lives are turned upside down.

Their regular routines including their education, sporting and cultural pursuits, and other creative experiences, are disrupted. Similarly, parents are often required to spend long periods of time at the hospital, missing work responsibilities and on occasion, may need to relocate. It is now well understood that a model of health care that is grounded in the establishment of partnerships between all involved - patients, their families, staff, both clinical and non-clinical - can result in better outcomes.

Such a health care model acknowledges that quality educational and creative activities can be beneficial in supporting the emotional needs of all involved and contribute to a sense of normalcy for the children and their families.Koala Kids has designed a range of activities and resources for patients, their families and for staff. Some are purely for distraction, some are educational, others are to supplement programs run by therapists. All are intended to help make the 'cancer journey' a little easier. All are intended to help make their time during cancer treatment a little easier, because we believe happy helps!