Pill Swallowing Kits

To support children and young people struggling with oral medication-  specially designed cups, instructions, practice tablets, and a reward chart. Available on request.

We Believe Happy Helps Art Therapy Program

Designed for children and young people in treatment – includes a pencil case, backpack and a faux canvas featuring art work designed by volunteer artist and available from all Children’s Cancer Centre receptions and Peter Mac.


  • Provision of popular DVD titles.
  • Provision of relevant activities and items for children and families who are being care for palliatively.
  • Lucky Dips are available for children in treatment by request to encourage them to have their treatment or as a reward.
  • Texts, writing materials, IT support and other educational resources for teachers.
  • Tubs filled with stickers, LipSmackers, Band-Aids and gift cards will be replenished on request.
  • Small items to be kept in the gift cupboard stocked for children with cancer, siblings, parents and carers.
  • Provision of magazine subscriptions to popular titles over various demographics are available and are renewed on request.
  • Support of social workers events in the form of food and beverages and consumables.
  • Morning and Afternoon tea parties.
  • Custom made pizza lunches.
  • Cakes, small gifts and a range of novelty treats on children’s birthdays and to celebrate milestone treatments and end of treatment.
  • A memorial candle and appropriate books for parents and siblings of bereaved families
  • Small food and iconic items for families in hospital to celebrate local, national and international events throughout the year – Easter, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day, Halloween etc.
  • Consumables for nurses visiting patients in their homes.

Note to Staff

Koala Kids includes staff in all relevant activities and events.  Feel free to contact Koala Kids if you have any queries.

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