What does a haircut, bar mitzvah and a tenth birthday all have in common? They are all fundraising for Koala Kids!

We are incredibly fortunate to have wonderful supporters fundraising to provide happy moments for children, young people and their families during cancer treatment. In addition to raising important funds for Koala Kids, these events also help spread awareness of Koala Kids to new audiences.

Lin Wee has volunteered for Koala Kids for over five years providing marketing, graphic design and AV support through her business Purpose Group.  Lin recently decided to cut her luscious long locks of hair in order to make wigs for people suffering from hair loss as a result of cancer treatment and other medical conditions. 

In the lead up to her big hair cut, Lin encouraged family, friends and clients to donate to Koala Kids as she has seen first-hand the impact we make on children and young people. The fundraiser was incredibly successful, raising around $5,000.

Young or old, you can always ask family and friends to donate gifts to Koala Kids in lieu of gifts on your birthday! A particularly kind, soon to be ten-year-old has been asking his family and friends to do just that following a presentation from Mandy Mandie, Koala Kids executive director at his school earlier this year. 

We are also humbled to have Tony McGinn OAM asking for donations for his upcoming 60th birthday. Tony has been involved with Koala Kids since its inception as part of the KOALA Foundation (now Children’s Cancer Foundation). Tony says “I am genuinely amazed at the work Koala Kids do and the results they create. So at the time of celebrating my 60th Birthday, I am blessed with a healthy family and a happy life. The best present anyone can give me is to help Koala Kids put more smiles on more faces.”

When Nick Bursztyn decided to invite his friends to make donations to Koala Kids instead of buying him gifts for his Barmitzvah party, he didn’t realize that in fact one of his 70 plus second cousins, Nick Mandie had founded Koala Kids after his own Barmitzvah in 2005. The two Nicks are members of a very large family and their great grandfathers were brothers! A further coincidence is that both Nicks will have celebrated their coming of age on the same weekend on the Jewish calendar, 16 years apart. 

Have you got a special celebration coming up that you would like to consider fundraising for Koala Kids? We are able to create a customised fundraising page. Click here for more information.