In addition to our schools program with primary and secondary school students, Koala Kids loves providing meaningful and practical experience for tertiary students.

During Semester 1, we hosted Rhonda Kruize, an events intern from William Angliss Institute. No sooner than Rhonda joined than she was thrown into the deep end to help execute our rescheduled #webelievehappyhelps cocktail party in March. We were also able to provide her great experience leading up to and on the night of our National Volunteer Week dinner in May.

During COVID last year we met with Australian Catholic University (ACU) with view to engaging students in work experience in order to complete their studies. A fabulous group of six ACU students from occupational therapy and teaching volunteered with us at Monash Children’s Hospital as part of a rotating roster in Semester 1.  The feedback from the sessions from both Monash and the students has been realy encouraging with each of the students offering to volunteer again in Semester 2. The students reported their volunteering experience has helped them gain valuable and practical experience relating to their fields of study.

With the ever-growing capabilities of technology, Koala Kids signed on to Practera, a leading platform powering high quality experiential learning programs for tertiary students to help build practical skills around real world activity. 

We provided industry specific projects to two groups of students from Edith Cowan University in Perth who had been matched virtually with Koala Kids. One group developed a sales and marketing strategy for our online happy store and the other compared us with other not for profit organisations in paediatric oncology, suggesting new opportunities.  

We are presently providing another group of students from the University of New South Wales Business School, the opportunity to work on a two-week real-world business project as a business opportunity accelerator. We are going to provide them the same brief, to develop a sales and marketing strategy for our ecommerce business.